Our Kickstarter Campaign was a Success!

Nearly two months ago, the HERO team here at Aubin Pictures launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for How to Become an Extreme Action Hero. Two days ago, our campaign successfully achieved its Kickstarter funding goal! The generous pledges of our backers and fans allowed us to exceed our set funding goal of $40,000 by over $600 (and counting)! Kickstarter has proven to be an excellent implement in generating awareness about our film and we are so deeply thankful for and encouraged by the support of our backers.We have completed our Kickstarter campaign, but the process of completing our film and bringing Elizabeth Streb's story and messages to a theater near you is far from over. We are still only in the early stages of production, so please stay tuned to the film's Facebook, Twitter  and to this website for further news on the project and information on how you can help! Although we have attained our Kickstarter goal, the production of Hero will still require more funding in order to be completed. Further donations may be contributed through PayPal and will go a long way in the making of Hero!

The generosity and supportive action that made our campaign a success exemplifies the theory that drives Elizabeth Streb's work - that anyone can be an extreme action hero!