New Information Revealed on "One Extraordinary Day"

"Elizabeth Streb’s company of daredevils will provide one of the big spectacles of the London 2012 Festival as they swoop and soar from the city’s landmarks — and she’ll be overseeing them like a guardian angel."

Although the time, location and almost everything else about STREB's performance at the Cultural Olympiad in London next month remains veiled with secrecy, the public will be relieved to find out that various forms of social media will announce the necessary details of the performance just hours prior to its occurrence on "One Extraordinary Day".

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has commissioned the STREB company to participate in the Olympiad this summer and these extreme action extraordinaires are sure to live up to both his and the public's expectations. Elizabeth Streb herself, known to scale the walls of buildings, and break glass with her body, says of the upcoming London event: "One Extraordinary Day is as far as I’ve ever gone. In some of the events we’re free-falling from 40 feet. It’s going to be the most dangerous thing I’ve done.”

Those in the know have been sworn to secrecy as to where throughout the cityscape Streb and her dancers will be staging their performances. All we can say is that somewhere, and at some point in time, a group of STREB extreme action heroes will emerge from London's intricate architecture and begin something extraordinary. Stay tuned to twitter, facebook, and even this website to be sure not to miss this event that Elizabeth Streb predicts “will on some level change everything.”