It Feels So Good To Dance


Dancing is one of those things that can make you feel good about yourself and make you feel confident that you can do almost anything. I believe that dancing can make you feel as if you could actually almost fly because it pushes you to do things that you thought you probably could never do. According to Psychological Reports (2012), dance offers a plethora of benefits – including improvements in health, brain function, and social skills. And many of these benefits can last long after you’ve stopped dancing!


Dancing can be beneficial to everyone, regardless of the type of dance, or the age of the person doing it. As far as improvements in health, dance can help those with physical and mental disabilities to improve their motor skills and even to express things they want to say through the movements. Dancing requires the brain and body to work together, which helps improve cognitive and emotional skills. It is a belief that when a group of people dance together, their hearts beat at the same tempo, becoming synchronized. This improves social skills, allowing people to talk to others more openly and feel related to others. Overall, dance brings such joy to people and lays down the foundation to success because it forms a sense of limitlessness and allows you to push yourself to always keep trying.


Besides the traditional ballet, jazz etc., which all help improve skills in their own way, I believe Elizabeth Streb’s POPACTION can improve skills all around. POPACTION incorporates not only artistic styles derived from ballet and more but also incorporates freedom. Her style of dance has people dancing from great heights and moving their bodies in unbelievable ways. Her dances are a combination of many styles of dancing, which I believe may allow the mind and body to improve at a great speed and extent. Her POPACTION style of dance not only forces people to go beyond their everyday limits but to do it with confidence.